Welcome to the site of writer Jamey Heit, author of recently released “The Springfield Reformation: The Simpsons, Christianity, and American Culture.” Craig Detweiler, Ph.D., director of Reel Spirituality, Fuller Theological Seminary, said this about Heit’s new book:

“The Springfield Reformation is as smart, searing and timely as The Simpsons! Jamey Heit demonstrates how The Simpsons holds up a cracked and crucial mirror to American civil religion and particularly Protestant Christianity. He highlights Homer’s comedic misunderstandings of God and Lisa’s sharp, spiritual insights. The Springfield Reformation points out the gap between Americans’ beliefs and practices (just like the show). Heit’s masterful survey of 400 episodes (and the movie!) make it an essential addition to the growing field of theology and pop culture.”

You can read more reviews here, and purchase the book from Amazon.com here.